We’re a Dallas/Fort Worth based creative agency focused on telling brand stories.

Storytelling isn’t a novel concept. Respecting deadlines, budgets, & clients is though.

An Agency of Brand Storytellers

The world didn’t need another creative agency.

Between start-ups, established firms, and freelancers; the only thing Dallas-Fort Worth may have more of is churches. The opportunity we saw that lead us to create Evangalist was a marketplace begging for a better creative agency.

Better doesn’t just mean better work. There is plenty of great work out there. Better means an honest sales conversation, transparent processes, and immovable deadlines. Better also means a team that works better together. This team at your disposal cares about your goals, your realities, and your brand evangelists. We care about that last item so much that our mission is simply to create more of them.

Our Gospel

Check Your Ego At the Door 01

We aren’t a group of freelancers flying the same flag, we’re a unified agency. Our work is for our clients, not for ourselves.

Waste Not Want Not 02

Evangalist operates as a lean, mean storytelling machine. We work hard and leave no creative scraps on the table.

We Live In A Glass House 03

Whether internally or externally, we always say what we mean, mean what we say, and hold ourselves completely accountable.

Carts Follow Horses 04

We don’t start with a proposal and work backwards. We start with your painpoint or opportunity, then create custom solutions to match.

Lightning-Fast Reflexes 05

We pride ourselves on the speed with which we respond to client feedback, market changes, and project necessities.