Work Spotlight: Madeworthy Magazine

Our team has been fortunate enough to work on not one, but two Madeworthy Magazine spreads over the past two years. Published by Tanglewood Moms, Madeworthy Magaine is a local publication that helps readers discover everything the city of Fort Worth has to offer. From highlighting our city’s newest restaurants, to publishing work from local authors, Madeworthy offers an authentic local perspective on all things Fort Worth.

Our first collaboration with the publication was for their 6th issue in July of 2018. Sam flexed her illustration muscles, creating a landscape of the Trinity River, complete with a Fort Worth skyline and one of our city’s iconic bridges.

Our second collaboration was in partnership with the Lone Star Film festival. Taking our established event branding, we adapted the event’s illustrations to fit Madeworthy’s publication needs, resulting in a two-page illustrative spread that successfully promoted the festival.

There’s nothing we love more than getting to work with local business that make an impact in Fort Worth. We’re exceptionally proud of the work that we’ve done over the past two years with Madeworthy Magazine, and look forward to many more!