We Don’t Buy Stock (Photos)

Read Time: 7 Minutes

A Fort Worth advertising agency’s perspective on stock photos in 2017. Evangalist is a big proponent of real photography for your very real business. Check out why.

When it comes to creating a voice for your brand, every single aspect of the process counts. Some might believe that words tell a story, or that the colors and design of a product are really what help it stand out from the rest. We know that these things are ridiculously important, which is why we stress that everyone needs them to truly tell a story. However, there is one aspect that a lot of agencies miss: the photography.

It’s still true that a picture can say a thousand words, but we don’t think it can really speak unless it really shows YOU. You wouldn’t let a stranger pretend to be you, and you wouldn’t let someone that doesn’t know your story go around spreading it. So why would you let a stock photo represent the heart of your business? Why would someone else’s image form the vision of what you have worked tirelessly to make your very own?

Due to our belief that a story cannot be told with stock, we go through several processes to ensure that your custom photography is the best that it can be. The average consumer might not know the steps involved in creating images that dive down into the heart and soul of a business and come back up with pixels and colors that do more than look pretty. Our photography is able to capture a moment in your brand’s story that could never be replicated or purchased online from someone who doesn’t truly know you.

In every photography session, we go through the following steps:

1) Assess and Plan.

Your voice will be different than anyone else’s, simply because there is only one you. Our creative team makes sure that your end product will represent you in the best way possible by creating moodboards and shotlists for the shoot. This way, we know exactly what we need to execute before we get to the location, and we can make sure that we come away with several different versions of every shot we need. We’re also able to aim for a very specific vibe fitting your brand and your brand only. Our assessment process is similar to a storyboarding process we might go through when creating copy or graphics for our clients.

2) Shoot.

Through shooting photos at different locations for every client, we are able to get right into the spaces where people work, learn, and grow. We won’t stage photos of your office and create mockups that we assume are correct; we’ll just come and take photos of the space itself. We don’t cut corners on headshots, and we take product photography just as seriously as you take the product itself. Our team ensures that we have the best equipment for the job, and won’t ever leave feeling like we didn’t get enough.

3) Edit.

Our editing process is very strategic and can vary from brand to brand. We know that you have a voice, and your photos have to represent it in the best way possible. This is often the most lengthy of the steps, simply because we believe that attention to detail in this process can make or break the success of the photoshoot. By ensuring that every color, detail, and angle is correct, you’re sure to get photos that won’t leave you wishing for more. Appropriate time and attention to detail is given to make sure that every aspect of your photo set is just right, and through adjusting colors and removing flaws, you’re sure to get something truly special.

4) Deliver and Use.

Delivering photos to our clients is our favorite part. These aren’t just files; they’re little pieces of who someone truly is. Our photos are great for social media, websites, or print pieces. But we won’t limit you here. Put a piece of your brand wherever you see fit (within reason, of course).

In the end, we wouldn’t let strangers tell our story, and we don’t think you should let stock photos tell yours. A custom photoshoot takes your brand from good to great and gives it a voice that is truly unique in all the right ways.