The One Where Evangalist Moves Downtown

Read Time: 2 Minutes

In a rare twist, we aren’t burying the lede with a clever title. After roughly three years in our beloved Magnolia studio, we’re making a change. As we were nearing the end of our contract and considering whether to stay or go, the direction forward ultimately became clear.

We want to pursue a home that is truly our own.

As much as our office is a part of our culture, acting as the 12th Man of our team, it was never really ours. That’s the fundamental downside of leasing, which at the time we moved in was the best way forward. 

While it’s sad to sunset this portion of our history, there are exciting things on the horizon!

Fort Worth is in a state of rebirth, and we’ve had a front-row seat. We’ve had the privilege of working alongside commercial real estate teams charting the course forward for our home town. We’ve developed brands for the architecture and construction firms using Fort Worth’s history to create its future. And we’ve been a part of countless projects for the exciting young businesses moving into transformed spaces.

And now, we’re going to be one of them.

We’ll be spending the rest of 2020 planning, searching, and saving in pursuit of our dream space. A space that we truly own.

Until then, we’re equally excited about where you’ll be able to find us! Your favorite Fort Worth creative studio is setting up shop in a suite within the Sundance Square WeWork location at 505 Main Street.

We’ll be doing the same kickass creative work, but instead of keeping an eye on Magnolia, we’ll be looking out over Sundance from a fourth-floor balcony.

While it’s sad to lock up our Magnolia space for the last time, we couldn’t be more thrilled for what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates on this new and exciting chapter!