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Digital: Social Advertising for Stevens Tanker

Our Approach to Advertising

The Evangalist approach to advertising exists at the intersection of old and new. We keep our focus firmly on impactful creative work in a way that few seem to, and support that work with insightful analytics & strategy. We don’t think one can afford to exist without the other, and the combination of both mindsets together yields the most dramatic and positive results.

Tradtional: Newspaper Ad In FW Weekly for Avoca Coffee Roasters


Google Adwords

We conduct in-depth research and discover what relevant search terms your audience cares about, bid on those keywords, then drive them to your website with the help of ad copy that cuts through the noise.

Display Advertising

Utilizing the Google Display Network, we work to fit your brand seamlessly alongside names your targets trust, while also ensuring you stand out enough to grab their attention.

Social Media Advertising

When it comes to getting the most value of each media dollar, that conversation begins and ends with social media advertising. We create compelling creative and couple it with nuanced targeting to ensure that your media budget is spent advertising exclusively to your specific audience.


Traditional advertising doesn’t have to sacrifice innovation. Our team has experience building strategic billboard, print, and radio campaigns for national & local brands; using our digital expertise to maximize attribution.

Search Engine Optimization

Having no organic search strategy is no longer an option. We partner with businesses to help them rise in rankings and better serve their audience through SEO strategy and ongoing content creation.