Our Approach to Branding

A brand is the way businesses most often communicate with their audience. Across every asset, every piece of marketing, and every advertisement, the one constant is branding. We give the brands we create the attention they deserve, whether we’re naming a company, rebranding a business, or branding a product. Beginning with in-depth research, Evangalist creates comprehensive identities that serve brands for years.

Brand DNA

You can’t just jump right into a name or a logo. A great brand is true to the organization it represents and means something to the target audience. To ensure each brand we create meets those criteria, we start by analyzing our client’s culture, their products & services, and their best customers.

Armed with this research, we build a detailed brand analysis which includes brand archetyping & target persona building. This information informs our creative work, as well our clients’ mission & vision statements and core values.

Company & Product Naming

One of the most challenging decisions new businesses face is what to call themselves. It’s a decision with a great deal of gravity; when all else is stripped away, the brand name is all you’re left with. In search results listings, on a list of vendors, or when said aloud, that’s all your potential target may be given. With that in mind, we take naming very seriously.

After our Storyboarding sessions, we begin the naming process. Sometimes this results in presenting 10 options with in-depth rationale, other times we end up with 100 possibilities that run a gamut of concepts. No matter what, the result is the same: a name that can stand on its own.

Brand Identity Systems

A company’s identity system is much more than a logo. It has to be as versatile as it is beautiful. While we start with a single logo, the final product is a suite of marks, badges, and more that prevent our clients from being pigeonholed with one mark used only one way.

Our process for developing identity systems ensures thoughtful exploration and refinement without risking paralysis by analysis. Creating branding that is effective is only half the battle; we make sure that branding is also usable in every conceivable form, format, and function.

Brand Standards

No matter what we do for a client, we make sure that they always hold the keys. Once we’ve developed a brand, we provide a thorough brand standards guide that helps our client use their brand properly without our oversight.

From correct spacing to color codes to social media guidelines, our brand standards guides cover all relevant details. More than that, they are also thoughtfully produced and visually impressive, with many clients using them to train new hires or pitch new investors.

Everything we do is an effort to help brands better connect with their audience. Our services are just a means to that end.