Media Production

Our Approach to Media Production

Research has proven time & again that there are no individual messaging channels more effective than photography & videography. Whether presented on a website, through social channels, or as advertisements, visual storytelling has become a foundational element to brand communication. From creative concepting through on-site shoot direction, no matter how large a shoot gets, we remain our clients’ single point of truth regardless of how many media partners are brought in.


When you’re looking to convey a message to internal stakeholders, introduce your services to a new audience, or make complex topics more digestible, video is often the best course of action. Like everything else Evangalist takes on, we start with story & scripting, then follow the project through shoot direction and creative approval on editing.

It doesn’t matter how large a production gets, our goal is to set clients up for success and give them a final product to approve that’s remarkably easy to say yes to. We leverage the best video partners in the industry to supplement our skillset but work to ensure our clients never feel the weight of the moving parts.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography, from lifestyle photos to corporate headshots, has the power to humanize a business no matter how complex or alien their service offering is. Conversely, choosing to produce content that never features the internal or external stakeholders who sustain a brand can make your company remarkably easy to forget.

It’s a priority to us that we never show up and shoot from the hip. We establish a compelling creative direction, select the partner most appropriate for the project, and provide clients with clear instructions in advance of the shoot day. The result of this work is a gallery of visual assets that have the power to set a brand apart from their competition.

Product Photography

Just like corporate photography, product photography requires creative planning in order to produce results that can move the sales needle. Good product photography doesn’t just capture a product as it is, it provides potential customers a window into how the product can change their life. Great product photography makes it impossible for the customer to put off changing their life for another day.

Everything we do is an effort to help brands better connect with their audience. Our services are just a means to that end.