Joey Swindle

Official Title: Partner // Unofficial Title: Our Fearless Leader

10 Seconds With joey

Most Inspired By

His Dad and Elvis

Worst Habit

Constantly overthinking the Evangalist Old Fashioned recipe

You Wouldn’t Guess...

He can give a fierce high four

Hidden Talent

Touching his tongue to his nose

Though he’s the old man of the bunch, Joey has about 5 times the energy of any of us, always up early and grinding away until his head hits his pillow. He’s obsessive about delivering for our clients and making sure that our team is well taken care of. Over the past few years, it became increasingly frustrating to Joey to be a part of an industry that consistently promised the moon to clients, and delivered nothing more than pebbles. The waste of countless dollars and creative talent was impossible to watch. He took a giant leap of faith and launched Evangalist along with Jon, fiercely committed to delivering effective work on-budget and on-time. So far, so good.

Joey is a devoted family man with a lovely wife and two vibrant boys who graciously share him with us and our clients. He loves the Razorbacks, Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavs probably more than he should.