Jon Cannon

Official Title: Partner // Unofficial Title: Worrier

10 Seconds With jon

Favorite Fast Food Joint

Taco Bueno

Worst Habit

Being impatient with pizza and burning his entire mouth

If Jon Seems Angry In A Meeting, He’s...

Not mad, that’s just his face, promise

Guilty Pleasure


Jon was born and raised in Fort Worth, and spent formative years in Denton studying journalism, communications, and advertising at the University of North Texas. His background is in traditional advertising copywriting, and his professional experience runs the gamut from developing language that defines new brands, to writing thought-leadership pieces for global B2B firms. Jon is passionate about using a storytelling approach to connect brands with their audiences, regardless of channel. He believes he’s at his best when he’s applying the fundamentals of time-tested traditional advertising efforts to new digital platforms. In his experience, blending something familiar with something new yields the greatest results.

Jon is married with two dogs, and enjoys film, music, theatre, and food. The particular order of those items depends on the day. On an average weekend, you’ll catch him at a bar in Denton along with his wife and the raucous assortment of hooligans he calls his friends. Some such hooligans can be seen on this very website.