Jon Cannon




Jon is a founding partner at Evangalist, overseeing all things creative. He believes brand messaging is at its best when it combines the fundamentals of traditional advertising with the direct, personal tone of digital copywriting.

He’s married to a theatre teacher, has two dogs, and calls Denton home. When not trying to change the world one tagline at a time, he’s typically at Alamo Drafthouse, getting lost on Wikipedia, or having his heart broken by a local sports team. Jon is also very proud of his home bar and won’t stop talking about it.

10 Second Interview

  • FAVORITE COCKTAIL A Final Ward or a Knickerbocker.
  • Worst Habit Being impatient with pizza and burning his entire mouth
  • Loves… Monty Python, Mexican fast food, and movies his wife thinks are boring.
  • Hates… Mushrooms, hashtags, and being called a Wordsmith.