Liz Bryson

Official Title: Development // Unofficial Title: Google Ninja

10 Seconds With liz

Worst Habit

Deleting Instagram pictures immediately after posting them

Wishes That...

Everyone used Google Chrome

Takes Her Coffee


Can't Say No To


Liz obtained her BFA in Graphic Design from Texas Christian University in 2014 and fell in love with web design early on in her studies. After working professionally as a designer alongside developers, she decided to complete a three-month development intensive and officially transitioned over to the world of development at the beginning of 2016. Her strong background in both design and development allows us turn our website ideas into reality. 

As a Wisconsin transplant, Liz has never met a cheese plate she didn't like and prefers to stay inside on blistering hot Texas days. She currently resides in Dallas with her dog, Oliver, but if you ever see her out on the town in Fort Worth, feel free to buy her a TX on the rocks.