Sam Fleming

Official Title: Design // Unofficial Title: Cheese Fry Connoisseur

10 Seconds With sam

Nervous Habit

Nail-biting & knuckle-cracking

Hidden Talent

Parallel Parking

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla

Proudest Attribute

Being Texan

A Fort Worth native, Sam is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for helping brands craft their visual identity, and bring their core mission to life. She cut her teeth in print design at an advertising agency in Memphis, Tennessee, but has honed her craft in digital design over the past few years. As any designer should be, she is less than organized, overly opinionated, and only minorly obsessive. From formatting novels and orientation manuals, to pushing the pixels of an online experience, Sam is determined to put creative strategy into every touchpoint of a brand. In her spare time she enjoys sketching for fun, and brings her talent to the agency for projects where hand illustration is necessary.  

Recently married, Sam spends time outside of work with her husband, walking + cuddling their dog, and consuming an unreasonable amount of ice cream. In another life she runs more half marathons, hikes more trails, climbs more rock walls, and does more yoga, but don’t we all?