Shaina Swindle


Mama Bear

Theropod Enthusiast

Shaina thrives on taking great care of our clients and staff, always making sure that everyone Evangalist serves is well attended to. As much as our team obsesses over making sure our clients always feel heard and delivering work precisely when promised, her contributions to communication and planning are beyond critical to our success.

The proud mother of 9, 11, and 38-year-old boys, Shaina stays incredibly busy around the clock, but we’re pretty sure she’d have it no other way. In her super occasional free time, you’ll be sure to find her nerding out on paleontological research, getting her nails done, watching a campy horror film, or slapping a little bass.

10 Second Interview

  • Dream Job Paleontologist (Duh)
  • Hidden Talent Speed Reading
  • Favorite Movies Anything by George Romero or Dario Argento
  • Worst Habit Coca Cola