Arcadia Case Study

A new North Texas non-profit needed a brand and website that brought their purpose and passion to life.

Arcadia is a recently launched non-profit in North Texas working to provide survivors of minor sex trafficking a safe place to start a new life. Though the founder of Arcadia and her team had a clear vision for the work they would do, they didn’t have a name, brand, or website that encapsulated those ideas. They came to us with passion and a clear mission and needed our team to create an identity around them.


The naming process for Arcadia was extremely organic, involving a great deal of client collaboration. Once the name was selected, we developed an identity. Arcadia is a non-profit led by strong women that are serving strong women. To that end, the icon, wordmark, and color palette had to be both strong and feminine.

Web Design

For Arcadia, we employed the MVP strategy we often use with new businesses or organizations. It involves quickly launching a great landing page site while we work on the full experience. The full Arcadia site is driven by photography and is equal parts inspirational and informative.

“We can’t say enough about The Evangalist Team!! Love their work and their hearts!”

Christi Bolz – Arcadia North Texas