Carencia Mental Healthcare Case Study

A mental healthcare practice with a new name and major goals turned to Evangalist to create assets in support of their vision.

Carencia Mental Healthcare, formerly Maestro Healthcare, is a North Texas-based practice looking to foster a community that prioritizes mental healthcare. Their innovative approach combines the therapeutic and treatment-oriented aspects of mental healthcare under one roof.

Project Services


Carencia, the safe space a bull carves out for itself in bullfighting, was selected as the new name before Evangalist entered the picture. It was our job to craft a meaningful and versatile identity system that feels more like a lifestyle brand than a healthcare brand.

Web Design

The Carencia website is one of the best examples we have of taking brand elements and using them to enhance the user experience. Complimenting copy that’s equal parts service breakdown and philosophy, the Carencia site feels more energetic and more youthful than most medical websites.