Craftwork Coffee Co. Case Study

An innovative coffee shop & coworking space partnered with us to create a suite of assets with their signature style.

Craftwork was founded on the idea of combining coffee and coworking. While innovative, these very different drivers of revenue result in unique creative challenges. Through building a website, taking photos, and creating print assets, we worked to frame Craftwork’s unique business model as both brand new and comfortable & inviting.

Brand Expansion

As Craftwork sought to develop new merchandise and new in-store assets, the need for a brand expansion became evident. In an agile fashion, the Evangalist team fleshed out Craftwork’s brand to include a suite of new marks that could easily be utilized in ways their existing branding could not.

Collateral Design

Craftwork has continued to expand their coworking product offering while also rolled out a subscription service for businesses in need of craft coffee. For both efforts, they turned to our team to create branded collateral to spread the word about the totality of what Craftwork does.

Web Design

Craftwork’s custom site started with creating a structure that thoughtfully accommodated both a workspace and a coffee shop simultaneously. Through strategic development, we were able to create a site with parallax effects that is both beautiful on a desktop and functional on mobile devices.

“The team at Evangalist Agency is incredibly talented and creative, but what sets them apart is their ability to organize a path towards tangible goals. Their team communicates proactively to ensure that no one is left in the dark. Additionally, I’ve yet to work with a creative agency that cares more about hitting deadlines. Great experience working with them!”

Riley Kiltz – Craftwork Coffee