Homage Case Study

A specialty coffee sourcing partner needed a distinctive brand on which to build their business.

There are few things more satisfying than helping new entrepreneurs bring their vision to life. Homage Coffee Source’s goal is to transform small coffee farmers’ & producers’ lives by bringing their product to market. With that in mind, we created a logo and branding elements that fit alongside established coffee businesses while also capturing the heart of what Homage has set out to accomplish.

Project Services


No matter which service we’re executing, we always start with Why rather than What. Our work begins with a transparent conversation about your wants, needs, & realities. It ends with creative work that moves people.

It’s our mission to honor the coffee farmers & producers who cultivate specialty coffee. As a supplier that exists between the producer and roaster, our aim is to be a beneficial invisible partner, always striving to empower farmers & producers and promote their coffee.

Homage Coffee Source