Legalinc Case Study

A Startup That’s Transforming The Way Legal Services Are Delivered Needed To Change The Way They Address The Marketplace.

Legalinc is disrupting the legal services industry with its innovative automation solutions, but they found themselves facing a common challenge among start-ups. That challenge is two-fold: “how do we explain our offering quickly & clearly?” And, “how do potential customers find us if they don’t know a solution like our’s exists?” All of Evangalist’s efforts were designed to overcome those hurdles.

Web Design

With Legalinc’s website, we used a mix of stock photography and in-office photography make the company seem like less of a faceless startup. In terms of copy, we worked to simplify their differentiators, clearly lay out the tasks they automate, and explain their innovative technology solutions quickly. Because we built the site in reusable blocks, we’ve also been able to spin up landing pages more quickly than with any previous project.


Our multifaceted, multichannel advertising efforts for Legalinc have involved placing ads within podcasts, on industry websites, in search engines, on social platforms, and much more. All touchpoints either lead users to a campaign-specific landing page or to an account creation portal.

Content Strategy

To overcome the challenge of ensuring Legalinc is found by individuals who aren’t aware they exist, we have created a great deal of content on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we’ve rolled out email workflows and drip campaigns to both warm and cold leads to convert new Legalinc account holders and urge existing account holders to engage with the platform at a higher level.

Collateral Design

When trying to find your footing with a brand new product offering, you have to show proof of previous success. For Legalinc, that came in the form of a suite of case studies that include measurable results and pull quotes from actual Legalinc clients. These exist on the website, in landing page form, and in printable collateral.