Lone Star Film Festival Case Study

A local film festival with international reach sought out a creative partner to overhaul every touchpoint, from the initial concept to the film competition.

The Lone Star Film Festival, under a few different names, had existed for 13 years before seeking outside creative consulting. Evangalist stepped in to first develop a guiding creative concept. Once approved, we utilized that concept across dozens of different digital and print assets.


The concept for the 14th annual Lone Star Film Festival became See For Yourself. Once the concept was named, we created a design language around it inspired by French mid century art and French New Wave film. This concept blended old and new and served to redefine how LSFF presents itself to the film community.


In addition to print assets, we also created similar print & digital pieces used exclusively in paid campaigns. Our friends at Holland Collective knocked out the placement of this media, while we designed social media ads, print media ads, and out-of-home creative used across Fort Worth.

Content Strategy

To further utilize our theme across digital touchpoints, we created email headers utilized in digital invitations. At the event itself, we were responsible for creating the bumper slideshow before films were presented, the slides used at the awards ceremony, and the branded animation that prefaced any feature film.