M2G Ventures Case Study

An innovator in Fort Worth commercial real estate was ready to showcase their philosophy through updated branding and a new website.

M2G Ventures is truly unique in that they’re a company that’s disrupting their industry through their philosophy, mindset, work ethic, and follow-through. “Disrupter” is usually tied to brands who invent a new product, but M2G disrupts through sheer force of will. They turned to Evangalist because they needed a brand update and website overhaul to match this reputation.


The M2G branding update is one of our greatest examples of a natural brand progression. We took the powerful imagery of the geese & the golden egg present in their previous logo and brought it into the modern age without sacrificing the visual metaphor.

Web Design

Websites like M2G’s are among our favorite to create. Bold imagery, simple but significant copy, and design freedom all combined in this modern but easy to use digital experience. We believe what takes this site over the top are touches like the drone video compilation of M2G’s properties, the full-screen navigation menu, and the interactive property map.


Continuing to challenge the status quo of commercial real estate, M2G wanted to reapproach what For Lease signage could be. Instead of a bland and straightforward call-to-action, they instead challenged our team to create a series of signs that tell a story then invite the reader to join that story, if they’re up for the challenge.