Melt Ice Creams Case Study

The happy ice cream team needed to expand their brand and rethink their digital presence as they continued to grow.

Melt crossed paths with our team at an exciting time, with our respective new locations a 30-second walk apart. Initially, they needed a brand storybook to convey their business DNA adequately, but after that the projects kept rolling in. From a new website to an ice cream truck, it was our goal to create assets for Melt that look as good as their product tastes.

Web Design

Melt’s existing website served them well for some time, but the expanding amount of nonprofit work, the new catering side to the business, and the desire to blog more effectively drove their decision to build something new. Our goal was to create a fun, whimsical site that was simple and let photography do the talking. If you can look at the Melt website without smiling, we’ll be very impressed.

Collateral Design

The collateral we designed for Melt was out of the norm for most clients we didn’t brand ourselves. They asked us to create a brand storybook for them that captured the essence of what Melt Ice Creams is before they got too large to remember. Today, it serves as an orientation tool for new hires and potential investors alike.


Our advertising engagement with Melt has been truly unique, involving the design & copywriting for their ice cream truck, The Joy Ride. From hood to taillights, every inch of the truck had to convey the happiness that comes alongside a scoop of Melt ice cream.