Paragon Sports Constructors Case Study

A Leader In Sports Construction Was Entering Many New Service Areas & Needed A Suite Of Creative Deliverables To Tell That Story.

Paragon has been in business since the 1970s, and in 2009 repositioned itself as Paragon Sports Constructors and quickly became a regional leader in that space. No stranger to change, they recently made the decision to enter new sports construction markets holistically, and that effort started with Evangalist supplying their team with collateral and creating new ads to target these business areas. Shortly thereafter, we created a brand new website and began shooting brand & project videos.

Web Design

For most clients, we use a new website as the jumping-off point for their print design language. With Paragon, that process was reversed. We took the engaging photography, bold headlines, and clear structure of their brand brochure and transformed it into a living, breathing digital experience.

Collateral Design

Our team started by creating a robust brand brochure covering all of PSC’s present & future services. From there, we broke the content out further into individual pieces for each service area. Lastly, we created new business cards for all of the new team members required to make this service expansion possible.


The next phase of the new services rollout included targeted advertising in a small handful of high school coaching associations’ websites. Here, Paragon is able to play on their existing pedigree while also announcing their new offering in these additional sporting areas.