Stephanie Chung & Associates Case Study

An elite sales trainer & keynote speaker needed a team to help her launch digital products and refocus her brand without losing her signature style.

Stephanie Chung & Associates is a Dallas-based sales coaching, training, & speaking firm serving businesses across the country. Stephanie has a distinct voice that shines through in her video content & at her speaking events, but she turned to Evangalist to translate that into a new website and digital advertising.

Web Design

True to who they are, Old Arkansas needed a name & brand that felt like the “good-old-boy down the street.” They wanted to look as trustworthy as a 1950’s milkman, yet convey that they are backed by modern, cutting-edge technology. By pairing a slab serif typeface, patriotic stars, and a modern monogram, we were able to define every competing aspect of their brand with one unified visual voice.

Collateral Design

It’s our mission to honor the coffee farmers & producers who cultivate specialty coffee. As a supplier that exists between the producer and roaster, our aim is to be a beneficial invisible partner, always striving to empower farmers & producers and promote their coffee.


With a well-established brand and success in their local market, the Old Arkansas team looked to us to create a vehicle wrap. Just like their company branding, the design of the wrap had to balance nostalgia and technology.