Supply Razor Case Study

A Cutting-Edge Razor Brand Needed Thoughtful & Impactful Updates To Their Digital Marketplace.

Supply, a single blade razor brand that’s disrupted their market by looking to the history of razors to create its future, had made a name for itself over the first few years of its existence. They reached out to our team to get outside help with aspects of their website for the first time, then asked us to update packaging to align with their new look.

Web Design

Unlike most web design projects we take on, we made updates to Supply’s product pages and homepage without replacing the entirety of their site. Between that unique challenge and the client pushing us to do some of our best work, we couldn’t be more proud of the result.

Collateral Design

Following the website updates, Supply reached out to us to update aspects of their packaging to reflect new brand elements we’d developed for their digital experience. These included a new icon set as well as a new brand pattern.

Media Production

At the outset of this project, Patrick, the founder of Supply, gave us this message: “If you need to create something to round out this website, I support you.” So, with their excellent photography in tow, we created a stop-motion asset for the updated homepage to illustrate how much waste is cut by using Supply rather than a subscription service.

“Talented, fun, and committed to their promises. Joey and his team did a website overhaul for us and it’s hard to say how pleased we are with the results. They really care about their work and it shows!”

Patrick Coddou – Supply