Syssero Case Study

An HR software consulting firm needed to rebrand and then rethink how they convey their service offering & differentiators to a digital audience.

Syssero is a full-service consulting firm, unlocking the power of the Workday® human resources platform and providing ongoing managed services to businesses across the country. When they were first referred to Evangalist, they needed a name, a brand, and an identity system. Later, with another year of growth under their belt, Syssero re-engaged our team to roll out new collateral pieces and create a custom website.


When naming Syssero, we focused on concepts that conveyed strength & wisdom. With the name established, we then created a brand that combined the S from Syssero with EO, which stands for Employee Owned. Those two words are at the center of their company culture.

Website Design

Roughly a year after name & branding Syssero, it was time to create a custom digital experience. The website had two goals: explain Syssero’s service offering as simply as possible and show off the great work they’d done the previous year.

Collateral Design

Our asset creation engagement with Syssero included both internal and external pieces. From sales sheets to compelling case studies, every piece carried with it the gravitas of the Syssero brand.